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Tips Before Selecting a Bay Charter

You can be spending the next 10 years of your life trying to learn how to fish like a real professional or you can just use these tips on how you can find the best bay charter and catch fish like how pros do right now. Have the information that you need by reading the next lines.

Tip number 1. Cheapest isn’t always the best – lots of people operate as fishing guides despite not having proper license, bond or training; you can find them easily as they are those who frequently offer the least option. If this is the case and still you’re interested with the deal, then it’ll be a good idea to ask the captain for his credentials and if they can show you their license number at least days or weeks before the actual trip.

Tip number 2. Practice online fishing – you may not believe it, countless of chat rooms focused on fishing allow people to leave their feedback on a charter service. Take everything with grain of salt as some comments posted can really help you in detecting whether you found a good charter service.

Tip number 3. Choose a good captain – a common mistake a lot of people are making is to base their decision on the appearance of the boat that will be used and not on the captain who’ll lead them. Regardless if you’re on a slow, old or small boat, you can still have the best time of your life so long as the captain is reputable. But mind you, regardless of how luxurious the boat you were in, if the captain is a bummer, you won’t feel the same excitement and thrill as the former.

Tip number 4. Use contacts – when you’re at a cruise or resort, this can probably work to your advantage. Reputable organizations won’t be hooking up a charter service unless they know it to be reliable and good. If you’re on a cruise ship, this plays a more important role. And even if there’s a mishap that took place, if you use their service, rest assure that there’s a system to solve the issue.

Tip number 5. Ask about techniques and tackles – some boats troll while others cast light tackle and then, few can do both. It is best that you pick one that is using your most preferred tactic unless your aim is to try something different.

Tip number 6. Never book on dock walk – there are captains that sit at dock and try engaging some passerby in a conversation and sell them a charter trip. This does not actually make the captain a poor choice for your trip but most likely, booking on spot does not give you much time to know more about their reputation.

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