Finding a Reliable and Experienced Panel Beater

Finding a Reliable and Experienced Panel Beater

There are 1000’s of collisions on New Zealand roads annually. Most are minor in severity. In these cases the vehicle is likely to be repaired. If the vehicle is considered too costly to repair, and the garage deem it a write off, it is written off by the insurer.

Many of the larger insurers have set up contacts with panel repair companies in different regions. So they will have their chosen panel beaters take care of the car after the accident.

For those that don’t have this option, its essential to find a reliable and experienced panel beaters that are able to complete task and have the car in a safe and drivable condition afterwards. It must meet the WOF standards.

Most collision repair businesses will offer courtesy vehicles for the duration of the repairs. Some even specialize in certain makes and models. The overhaul cost may vary greatly depending on the make of car, availability of spare parts, and extent of the damage.

Collision repair companies deal with this understandably traumatic experience daily, it’s important for the client to feel consoled. Peace of mind is added when the task is dealt with in a professional and competent manner. It’s a stress full time for most people involved.

The quality of the work done depends on the equipment available and experienced workmanship. Look for companies, who have invested in the latest technologies, this is always a good sign. Also a company that has some type of guarantee shows they are confident with the work they are producing.