Are you looking for information on how to build a electric car? Are you still wondering if electric car conversion is right for you? Maybe, this has crossed your mind, but perhaps you are still searching and trying to determine how to get started converting your vehicle.

Building an electric car is an achievable goal that can be done if you have a step by step process in place. You do not have to have an automotive background in order to succeed at converting your car.

You have two choices in regards to which you take to convert your automobile. You can hire a mechanic to perform the conversion for you or you can do it yourself. If cost is a factor, then you may want to consider doing it yourself. The cost to hire a mechanic will be more money due to the labor required for the project. In our case, we decided to complete the conversion ourselves.

To complete it involved changing the way that our car operates so that it can use electricity. This is done by powering your car with batteries and an electric motor. In addition to these parts, there are some basic tools that you can use. You can rent these tools or borrow them from friends and family.

When doing the conversion yourself, it is always good to have someone help you along the way. Four helpful hands is better than two. Having a helper increased our ability to complete the conversion quicker.

The process was a challenge, but one that we were able to tackle without any issues. It was much easier than we initially thought. We used a guide that helped us to locate the parts to use for our project and that gave us the instructions for completing the conversion.