Mobile Auto Detailing and Mobile Car Washing – What Products Should I Use?

Mobile Auto Detailing and Mobile Car Washing – What Products Should I Use?

One of the most pressing questions for a new entrant into the mobile auto detailing or mobile car wash business is; what type of automotive products should I use? Indeed, this is a critical point and buying stuff off the shelves at the big box store instead of professional industry products can be both costly and problematic. So, recently, a new small business owner in this sector from Kentucky, asked me:

“What are the best cleaning products?”

Well, I really like AutoMagic, Beauty Shine, but in your area (Kentucky, that is) there is a manufacturer that Valvoline bought that has decent products, and they are local to you with distributors, if you ask 10-auto detailers this question, they will all have different answers, it’s a personal thing. I would say to start with AutoMagic, ask other companies to give you samples if they want to sell to you, eventually you will have your best choices for quality of finished work, price and types of cleaning.

Also remember that often these distributors will refer business to you, such as Wholesale Car Lot Detailing, so if you promise to buy their products they will refer you tons of work. We work extremely close with vendors, so should you. This is an insider’s game, the outsiders get slaughtered unless that are ruthless and savvy. We have done a lot of Machiavellian strategies, play it safe as a good ole’ boy local there in Kentucky, until you learn the ropes.

This is a real business, not some MBA wimp, group project business plan exercise, you either make money or you go broke and lose everything. Play to win, it’s a wicked world and your God will not save you, you must stand tall with integrity, but defend yourself! Sorry to break the news to you, but it is better to know up front, right?