Past and Future Auto Insurance Premiums

So, what has changed over the past decades to make auto insurance premiums increase in price? Well, if we look back when it was 1950, the costs of cars were much cheaper back then too. The incomes were cheaper along with the gas prices. The engines even though they were larger did not have the horsepower that they have today. Everything was cheaper in the past. Now, twenty years later we have millions more people on the roads and that equate to many more accidents with higher repair costs. If anyone is hurt, medical costs have skyrocketed and recovery time cost money for people who are injured.

People get their licenses at a younger age. In the past, they started a family and stayed home with a one income family routine. Today, just about each couple live off dual incomes due to the cost of living. Most of the population needs more than one vehicle in the household. Children are in school and errands need to be run. Both parents work in different areas of town and even different hours. The one advantage you may get is a discount for multiple vehicles when it comes to auto insurance. Another discount if you own a home and even more if you are both over the ages of twenty-five with good driving records.

Technology today allows us to look for free online auto insurance rates to see if we can find another company to provide better auto insurance premiums. This is one thing different from twenty years ago. Twenty years ago you went with the insurance company that the family used. Today you can switch companies in a matter of minutes electronically with email and faxes. In the past it took several telephone calls and possibly trips to the company with your signed paperwork. Today you can get a discount for purchasing online auto insurance without speaking to an agent. Twenty years ago this was not even an option.

We have come a long way when it comes to free online auto insurance rates. In fact, we have come a long way in general.