Reasons You Haven’t Considered Buying Used Cars From a Dealership

Reasons You Haven’t Considered Buying Used Cars From a Dealership

Buying any vehicle is a process, whether it’s new or used. With used cars, however, there is a lot more to consider, as these cars have already experienced some wear and tear. As is the case with any major purchase, it’s imperative to know what you’re getting yourself into before you spend a single cent. We’ve taken the time to break down some of the reasons you should consider purchasing from a dealership, rather than an individual seller.

1) Simplicity and ease
Put simply, it is often much easier to make your purchase from a dealer rather than an average Joe. Dealerships are far more accessible far more frequently, and you will not have to spend all your time playing phone tag trying to get in touch about the buy. You’ll also be presented with a range of options in one place, rather than having to spend all of your time searching for exactly what you want. There is less of a chance that you will have to compromise when you’ve got a range of options right there at your fingertips. Most dealers will often handle the initial tag and registration process with your local DMV for you, sparing you those infamous long lines and hassle.

2) Quality of the vehicle
You take a huge gamble when you choose to purchase from an unverified seller. Sure, this is the Carfax era, but you save yourself some legwork by choosing to get a used automobile from a dealership, because they are held to much higher quality standards. Vehicles that are certified through the certified pre-owned program go through a thorough inspection before they are ever given a spot on the lot. Your salesman also knows their stuff! If you’ve got any questions about the car you’ve got your eyes on, you have a ready source of information right there walking the lot with you.

3) Preventing against future mishaps
You are also likely to be offered a warranty this way, which will protect you should something go awry with your vehicle in the future. You get the comfort of knowing that your new car had to be evaluated by several sets of eyes to make sure it was worthy of being sold. And should something go amiss, you are able to take it back to the dealership for service.

4) Ease on your wallet
Many dealers accept trade-ins when you go to purchase used cars, which lowers your overall expenses. You’d be surprised at how much easier it is to negotiate at a dealership than you may have originally assumed. There are frequently sales that you can take advantage of, as well as financing options that your salesman will take the time to walk you through. Often, when you deal with an individual, they are not as flexible with the price range, and a low, “too good to be true” sort of price tag might well belly issues with the car that they did not disclose to you.

With all this in mind, it seems pretty clear that dealerships are your best source for used cars. Why sacrifice convenience and flexible options for a quicker buy? Don’t get left out in the cold just because you were looking to get through the process quickly. Take your time, and make sure you’re dealing with someone who knows their stuff. It could save you a lot of trouble down the road.