Rent A Classic Car – Guidelines

For those of you that want to rent a vintage car, you should know that there are lots of companies that offer these types of services. However, based on your location, it may or may not be possible to obtain touching them.

In Virginia, US, there is a Sports Car Rentals which has been in the commercial since 1995 and they have some great models, like a 1959 MGA convertible or a 1963 Buick Skylark. Another devote the united states is in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the company is known as Imperial Classic Limousine Service. They have a couple of Chrysler Imperials from the 1940s-1950s. If you never went down the path 66, Monte Bruckman – who owns the organization provides you with the ride of your life. Probably the most interesting car in this company’s fleet would have to be a C70 Series Crown Imperial from 1956, one of the last eight units obtainable in the planet.

In Vegas, Nevada you will discover Dream Car Rentals. Some of the beauties they have in their garages include a breathtaking Cadillac Eldorado from 1959 and also the legendary 1968 Pontiac GTO, probably the most beautiful cars of the 60s. Both cars were extremely popular about five decades ago plus they still turn heads, particularly in Europe.

Talking about Europe, in the United Kingdom there are a handful of companies where you can rent a vintage car. It is recommended that you decide to go in Stratford as this is actually the home from the Open Road, where you can rent one of their many British cars in addition to a ’66 Ford Mustang. Picking a cars is restricted to only 10 models but all of them are very interesting and rare.

If you’re in the united kingdom, be sure you visit Oxford where the Vintage Classics can make your dreams become a reality. In addition, not just you will rent a vintage car, but also you will have a 156-miles tour created by the dog owner who got his inspiration from the popular “Inspector Morse” series. This tour will be conducted in an exceedingly rare Jaguar MK2, exactly like the main one the inspector had.

In Dumfries, Scotland there is a Motorparty company, owned by Martin Edgar, that has seven amazing classic cars readily available for renting. Besides the iconic and sexy Jaguar E-Type, he owns a 1933 MG Midget which is the only real car in the world which was created before WW II. If you are interested in this excellent car you need to know that an hour long preparation is mandatory and when the staff that will learn you is not pleased with your performance, they will refuse to allow you to drive the vehicle. It might sound a little bit drastic, but considering its uniqueness, we are able to fully understand them for being so precautions using their prewar MG Midget.

If you happen to visit in Brisbane, Australia, you are able to rent a vintage car from the company named Aspirations. They’ll provide you with a range of sports cars from the 50s and 60s. Richard Gaunt is the owner and he has a 1957 MGA, a 1969 Jaguar S-Type along with a 1966 Mustang in the collection.

Much more Rome, Italy – take a look at Vintage Car Tour, owned with a couple of women who will let you drive a classic Italian luxury model, only when you accept be led from place to place by a convoy on the guided tour. Some of their most significant cars range from the Alfa Romeo 1750 and a Lancia Aurelia.

Our last recommend spot where one can match your needs for driving a vintage car is within Touraine, France at Vintage Roads. They specialize in renting Citroen Traction Avant vehicles which were made between ’34 and ’57. These models were the primary FWD cars and were highly acclaimed for his or her speed. Several cars have appeared in big blockbuster movies such as the Sound of Music and most important, The Great Escape.

Obviously, there are more places where one can match your needs for driving a vintage car; we’ll allow you to discover them.