Save Money on Gas – Discover How Hundreds Are Getting Better Mileage Everyday

Save money on gas with ease with an HHO conversion. Did you know that hundreds of people and companies are converting their cars every day to run on water. Before you think I’m talking garbage, I urge you to read on and check out the engineering science behind this concept, in this article.

Surely You Can’t Run A Car On Water!

You’re right. You cannot run a car on water alone. Your engine won’t run on water either. But you can convert water into something else and then combine it with gasoline to get better mileage. Here’s how it works.

HHO Generator

A converted car has something added to it called an HHO generator. This looks like a small jar of water with a couple of electrodes inserted into it.

When electricity is applied, a common scientific process called electrolysis happens. The water (mixed with baking soda) undergoes a chemical reaction and produces HHO, also known as Brown’s Gas or oxyhydrogen.

Combining HHO and Gasoline

If you didn’t know already, your engine does not run on gasoline alone. It cannot work with a pure liquid like gasoline. Instead, your car already mixes gasoline and air together to form a fine mist in the carburetor or fuel injection system. This is then squirted into your engine to be burned and produce motion.

In a hybrid car, the HHO gas is added to the existing mist and then this new mixture is burned in the engine. So why would we want to burn this new mixture?


This new mixture will allow you to obtain more power and burn less gasoline per mile travelled.

Not just that, but per mile travelled, your emissions will be lower and you can qualify for an IRS tax deduction. Due to the lower engine temperatures, your car will also experience a longer life before it needs a rebuild or servicing.