Showcasing VW Golf MK5

Volkswagen Golf MK6 is talk of the town. But all the good that you see right now is because of the Volkswagen Golf MK5; thus it becomes important for us to understand about the previous Golf car. Find out about the new VW Golf MK6 or continue reading to know more about the Volkswagen Golf MK5.  2003 October Frankfurt auto show is where Volkswagen MK5 was showcased which was built on PQ35 platform also known as Volkswagen Group-A5. In North America this car was called Rabbit. In 2006 MK5 was sold for a value of $15000 and that was a good bargain for all the automobile lovers.

Design Attributes
Engineering team of the company was behind the success of this car which many believed was taken from Ford and this was the team that had designed the famous Mulit-link Control Blade independent rear suspension system. The main reasons for the sale of this car was the point that it had great on road capability and earned itself the car which was best in handling. Its sounds better to purchase a used MK5 specifically in NA because you would be purchasing a vehicle which would only be 3 to 4 years older, which seems to be good deal.

Lets discuss the Engine
The MK5 comes with a 4-cylinder petrol engine; it also comes in with Duse unit injector which is diesel turbo charged injection engine. Volkswagen also comes with different transmission like the Titronic, Manual and Automatic. The best about Volkswagen is that they design and tune their engine according to the country they are selling the car in.

Volkswagen Golf GTI from VW is loaded with four cylinders, two liter engine with a Turbo Fuel Stratified Injection and 197 bhp at 280 Nm. This car comes with 6 speed DSG and also six gear manual transmission.
Petrol or the Diesel?

There is also a GT version available which was launched in year 2005 September. This vehicle gave the buyer the option of choosing a TDI or TSI twin charger 1.4 liter engine. With this, people had a choice to pick between diesel and petrol.