Take a Ride in the Zenn Car Neighborhood Electric Vehicle

Zero Emission No Noise The ZENN Motor Company has provided us with the earth-friendly automotive future with its no noise, electric vehicle, the ZENN. While it requires no gasoline and is not dependent on foreign oil, it also differentiates itself with convenience and utility that not one other NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) can compare to. It offers a remarkably high value, along with economical operation and it is also easy affordable.

Low Maintenance Rechargeable by using a standard electrical outlet, found almost anywhere, the ZENN can recharge fully and be ready to go in as little as 4 hours. The ZENN tops almost every other vehicle choice on the market due to its minimal maintenance requirements as well as only costing pennies per mile to operate. Both individuals and businesses can prosper from using a ZENN due to astonishing comfort, worry-free operation, and a proven design.

Additional Benefits FMVSS500 standards were blown out of the water in regards to the ZENN’s aluminum-alloy chassis being tested under real-world settings. Along with its fully established durability, customer satisfaction, and quality, it comes standard with rustproof, lightweight, and dent resistant exterior ABS panels for long-term durability.

Plenty of Storage Space Along with those features, it comes standard with many more. It is able to comfortably seat both a passenger and driver due to its fully enclosed three-door hatchback. And for being an electric car, many people find it hard to believe that it can even come with power windows, remote keyless entry, heater, defrost, power locks, panoramic sunroof, and even air conditioning. However, with everything mentioned so far, it still is highly affordable and measures out to 13 cubit feet of storage for cargo carrying needs.

Save Loads of Money On Gas Throw away the headaches of oil filters, oil changes, tune-ups, and even exhausts that are normally encountered with an internal combustion engine. Unlike a normal gas-guzzling vehicle, you can drive worry-free with no need to think about all the unnecessary maintenance costs. And since the ZENN has a lower driving speed, as well as the regenerative braking feature, brake wear is very well limited. Dissuading harmful emissions isn’t the only reason a ZENN should appeal to you, it also makes economic sense. Combustion engines not only cost up to ten times more than an electric powered ZENN, the investment to own one is also substantially lower. As well as LSV (Low Speed Vehicles) made up to 90{450b18fb4e8f5b95db3807a9753b1e0519d3e4d461dd68e5594bed7fc3eeb7ae} of city-core trips rather than the previously used conventional car, as shown in studies from the Green Car Institute.

At a fraction of the cost, a ZENN can easily meet the transportation needs of many urban-dwellers. So, whether this is the first, second or third car in your driveway, using a ZENN whenever possible for your shorter haul trips makes great economic and environmental sense.