In the world of Salespeople and Executives, daily commuting and travel is essential to working life. If you aren’t traveling to work, you are usually traveling to meetings or to visit clients. In these cases it is vitally important for you to drive a comfortable car, but which car is the best one and what other factors have to be taken into consideration?

If you go with the status quo, the undoubtedly Ford have the monopoly over the sales rep / executive car market, with their perennial favorite; the Ford Mondeo. What is truly attractive about the Ford Mondeo is that it has managed to stay at the cusp of fashion and achievement in both engineering and design terms. Ford have achieved this by constantly evolving the design and relaunching whenever the looks begin to seem a little pedestrian or the engine isn’t green enough or powerful enough. Those engineers and designers at Ford seem desperate to keep the Mondeo firmly at the top of the saloon tree.

In the interests of science and investigation I decided to test a Ford Mondeo on a long journey for myself. I have to say that I was mightily impressed with the Mondeo’s levels of comfort. The interior is far in advance of the quality standard you expect from a car that is essentially one of the most “budget” saloons available on the market. The trim and the gadgets were all fantastic.

In terms of performance, the Ford Mondeo doesn’t disappoint either. My drive felt smooth, assured and far in advance of most other cars in the same price bracket. It truly is my recommendation for those who drive saloon cars.