The Unwritten Rules For Using a Parking Garage and Public Parking

The Unwritten Rules For Using a Parking Garage and Public Parking

Maybe it is being unaware, getting a license without ever learning about it, or just not caring. Regardless of the reasoning behind it, society in general seems to be losing touch with the rules of driving etiquette, including the unwritten rules of parking garage complexes and lots. These ideals may take a few extra seconds to follow, but considering the consequences of not doing so, those few extra seconds are well worth it.

Rules Of The Road Apply In The Parking Garage

The rules of the road are just as important when it comes to using public spaces because of the congestion of vehicles, pedestrians, and other moving obstacles. Speed limits, signs, signal lights, and markings such as crosswalks apply in these areas as well. These things will not only keep everyone safe, but they will also help to keep the flow of traffic moving in an orderly and efficient manner.

Common sense comes into play here as well. Those who need it should be the only ones using a marked handicapped space. If the spaces closest to the exits are not marked, leave them open for the disabled, elderly, and new moms who need the added room.

Common Courtesy

Being polite and considerate of others works just as well in a parking garage as it does in a classroom, store, or any place where you will interact with others. Do not leave any garbage from your vehicle or person behind in the complex — toss it in a garbage can, or hold onto it until one is available. If you are using shopping carts, return them to where they belong so that they do not take up needed spaces or damage a vehicle.

Keep children close to you to prevent them from being hit by a vehicle or from damaging someone’s vehicle. It also makes it easier for other drivers to see where they are. Finally, never stop behind parked vehicles while you are waiting for a spot. This holds up those who are wanting to pull out.

Driving And Accuracy

The lines defining each spot are there for a reason. Make sure to park as straight as possible in the area to prevent your car from becoming an obstacle for other drivers. This also prevents damaged paint. When you pull into the space, make sure you stop all of the way into the space. This helps prevent damage and makes it easier for other drivers to see when they back out. Finally, when you do select a spot, only use one spot and ensure that it is of suitable size for your car. Small spaces marked as a ‘compact spot’ are really for a compact car.

Whether you are in a supermarket lot in a small town or a large Chicago parking garage, the basic rules of etiquette can make these situations far less stressful. If you do find yourself in a predicament either of your own doing or someone else’s, remember that ‘patience is a virtue’ as they say.