Why Regular Car Servicing Is a Must

Over the recent decades, the car has become a very important part of our lives, and we depend on it more and more everyday without realising it. Both personal and family life would become very difficult without the use of the car for most people in the developed countries today. We have to admit that a car has become one of the most essential machines in life.

However, owning a car also means putting some effort into making sure that it is in its perfect running condition at all times. In Henry de Bracton’s words “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

You will need to service the car regularly to keep the maintenance costs low, to prevent accidents and to make it more efficient.

There are some maintenance steps you can, and are advised, to carry on your own such as adding water if your car is water cooled, replenishing screen washer fluid and checking oil levels.

Beyond the straightforward maintenance, you should have the car looked at whenever you hear an unusual sound or notice even the slightest abnormality. My recommendation is that you have the car checked regularly, preferably once every six to twelve months to minimize the chances of it breaking down hence costing you more in repairs and inconvenience.

Just a word of caution though! While the current gloomy economic conditions continue, some people are attempting to service or repair their own car in order to save some money. However, this is not only a risky move if you are not a qualified mechanic with the right set of tool but it will almost certainly invalidate your car insurance as well.

I highly recommend that unless you are qualified to do so, do not entertain the idea and find a dependable mechanic, a repair and service centre or a car work shop where there are professionals trained and licensed to service (or repair) your type of car.

You do not necessarily need to go to the approved dealer each time, but if your purchase agreement means you get a free or discounted service then by all means do.

When looking for a car servicing centre I would suggest that you find one that is not too far away from your place or work or residence. Nowadays, there are also very cost effective options, such as the mobile car servicing, where the professionals visit your home or work place to service your car.

The important considerations when comparing different repair centres should include:

  • professionalism,
  • experience,
  • services on offer,
  • after sales service,
  • discounts
  • and pricing.

Remember, getting your vehicle serviced regularly by qualified professionals will ensure your own safety as well as saving you money in the long term.