Antique Motorcycle Insurance For Your Old Motorcycle

A little more than one hundred years ago, the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle was born as America woke up to be the first country to start producing motorcycles exclusively for the military. With the beginning of the 1st world war motorcycles became the most popular vehicle for transportation in the military. It would be hard to even believe, but these rugged two wheelers served the purpose of an ambulance as well with the agility and quick footedness expected from a war vehicle! The war ended with its long list of heroics and casualties and the army generals were soon to reunite with their families. Accompanying them were their two wheeler companions who were to be kept in their owners’ homes for the rest of their lives. The BMWs and Harley Davidsons soon became antique pieces.

By the very term, antique motorcycle insurance is essentially an insurance that provides a larger coverage against thefts and burglaries than for accidents and other road related instances. Antiques are collector items and therefore needs a great amount of security. Insurance companies providing for such a type of insurance has the theft component more in mind than anything else, though of course provision is made for accidents and road related mishaps. To an insurance company, a motorcycle which is of 25 years of age or older is considered antique and an insurance company would offer the agreed value to the owner of such vehicles rather than go in for the market pricing. This would be an immense benefit for the owner, in the event of a total loss of the vehicle either by theft or by fire, as he gets back the agreed value of the vehicle. The value is decided by an assessor based on the history of the vehicle.

Insurance companies offering antique motorcycle insurance will provide to cover for the basic liability which is required by the law. They can always work that to higher limits depending upon the ability of the owner to pay a higher premium.

Early motorcycles used to have ornamental side cars attached to them to take a small family along for rides out of the city. These side cars are still in possession of the owner and it would be better to talk to the insurance company to provide insurance cover for the side car as well. It would be wrong to assume that antique motorcycle insurance comes at a discount, because of the high theft risk and liability regulations, the insurance companies charge a high premium.

You may have a look at the internet to see the availability of antique motorcycle insurance in your area or the local motorcycle owners association may provide you with the information.