Understanding a Factory Service Manual

A factory service manual is a repair manual that is published and distributed by the manufacturer of your automobile. This important part of the package comes with the vehicle and having it as part of the package certainly makes is easier and more immediate to figure out your auto parts and to fix them without having to take it to a garage for repair. These manuals come under a wide range depending on the type of equipment that a workman is looking at. Cars, motor bikes, and different brands of bicycles for example each have their own manuals. Brand names of the automobile do matter in the purchase of a factory service manual, as different brands or cars are built differently. Therefore, the manuals are specific to the automobile.

The factory service manual lays out procedures and instructions that not only help the user but also go further to market the auto in whole and in its different parts. They are usually descriptive and instructional at the same time, and of course, the best ones are the ones that will aid the user with diagrammatic instructions. Either way, manuals usually come in form of hard copy books but with the advancement in technology, some original manufactures issue the instructions in a CD. Buying the manual in any of these formats is a matter of the user’s preference, but it is prudent to consider which one is more time saving and easier to follow.

A factory service manual may be obtained from the original equipment manufacturer or from stores that sell after service manuals. Making a purchase on the latter will be much cheaper but may not get you the information that is specific to your automobile. Buying a factory service manual from the original manufacturer is relatively expensive but much safer as it guarantees automobile specific information from the go. In addition, you may download the manual from the original manufacturer’s website without the need to wait for the manual to be delivered to your location.